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  • The poor do not need our compassion or our pity, they need our help. What they give to us is more than we give to them" Mother Teresa
  • Illiteracy, homelessness, malnutrition, chronic illness, bonded labour and exploitation of every kind is prevalent among the Dalits.
  • Dalits are at the lowest rung of the social ladder in India. Considered 'untouchables' they are widely subjected to poverty, social ostracism, religious marginalization and even sexual exploitation.
  • We have direct links with two schools for Dalits and other outcast children. Both schools provide an excellent English-medium education that will empower each student and give them a chance to escape the oppression they were born into.
  • "It is not how much love we give but how much love we put in the giving ..." (Words of Mother Teresa)
  • "This school is a beacon of light liberating children from the clutches of ignorance, child labour and child prostitution, bringing liberation to them all ..." (Words of Father Eric Mathias)
  • Supporting Dalit Children supports the education and social welfare of Dalit children (the 'untouchables'), in Southern India.

Christmas Appeal 2022

Nov 2022
This year our Christmas Appeal is to buy the boys a new pair of trousers and a shirt, and the girls a new dress. In fact we campaigned for the same in 2017, which was really well supported and we managed to buy all 310 children who were then at the school, a new outfit. Since then, the school numbers have increased to 452, and of course the children have all grown so much. One of the occasions to wear this new outfit is at the ‘Annual School Day’ celebration in December. Parents come from miles around to watch children being presented with academic and other prizes, and each class performs a dance or skit on stage. Speeches are given, special guests are invited and welcomed, and all in all it is a very special event that lasts for several hours into the night.

A new outfit costs £15 - £20 per child depending on the age of the child.

If you would like to support this appeal then please select the Christmas appeal option on our donation page. Thank you so much.

Support Our Christmas Appeal 2022
Christmas Appeal 2022
Christmas Appeals 2022