Our Aims


Please have a look at the video. It gives a great overview of the aims and achievements of Supporting Dalit Children. The video was created as part of a promotion made through The Giving Machine when they chose our charity as their "cause of the month". If you shop online then you can give to us for free by signing up to The Giving Machine and more details can be found here.

Sponsoring Children
Our primary aim is to raise funds for Dalit and other impoverished children, to be educated at two schools and a university in India, with whom we have direct links.

Funding social projects that benefit Dalit children and their families
We also aim to support social projects in need of ongoing, and one-off financial assistance.  Details of the social projects we support on an ongoing basis can be found on the What We Do page.  Details of our support for one-off projects, can be found on the Appeals page.

Informing others about the Dalits
We believe the Dalits' plight is little known about in the UK and worldwide, considering they number 1 in 6 of India's population - approximately 250 million. For centuries they have been down-trodden and oppressed and denied even the basic human rights.  Both children and adults are appalled to hear about the prejudices and oppression the Dalits are still suffering.

Therefore, our last but equally important aim is to inform others about the realities of life for the Dalit people in the 21st century. To date we have spoken to primary and secondary schools, Scouting groups, W.I. groups and churches and written articles for parish magazines and local newspapers.  We have found there to be great interest in how Loyola Kapepaladi school, Loyola Xavier school and Loyola College, are transforming students' lives and future prospects, and equally how directly possible it is to help through sponsoring a child.