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  • In Memory of Helen Baron
  • Update on the Christmas Appeal
  • Support Meeting with Former Students
  • November India Visit
  • Peter's Reflections
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  • Christmas Appeal for 2023
  • Pannur Health Centre Update
  • Fun-Filled Afternoon
  • Over £4,000 Raised
  • 15 New Sponsorships
  • Excellent Speakers
  • Over 100 Attendees
  • Academic year Draws to a Close
  • Update from Father Don
  • Report from Head of Loyola School
  • Visit to Hampi
  • Easter 2023 Appeal Update
Dinah & Students
  • Monthly Birthdays Update
  • Social Work in the Villages
  • Sewing Machines
  • Tailoring Schools
  • Christmas 2022 Appeal Update
Birthday Update
  • Visit to India
  • Reflections of sponsor parents following their visit
  • Christmas Appeal
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Ideas for the future
India visit
  • Good news about sponsorships
  • Padmavathi's story about being a student
  • Fundraising ideas from our supporters
  • Pannur Health centre update
  • Gift Cards on the website
  • Desperately sad news about Paddy
  • New website
  • Khammam Health Centre search for sponsor
  • Science Day at Kapepaladi school
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  • School during lockdown
  • Older students moving to 9th Std on Manvi campus
  • Update about the Ambulance Appeal
  • Christmas cards, The Giving Machine and Giving Lottery information
  • A lovely sponsor parent testimonial
  • Drinking water appeal
  • Update on the Tailoring centres
  • Kapepaladi school and Covid-19
  • Solar power units
  • Pannur health centre update
  • The Giving Lottery information

  • Christmas Appeal for a food parcel and blanket
  • Covid-19 and school
  • Excellent rainy season impact on child labour
  • Fatal accident of staff member Shankramma
  • Annual children's day
  • 8th Std children moving to Manvi campus
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  • Easter cards from the children
  • Christmas Appeal photos for warm fleeces
  • Moving to Manvi school for 9th Std and the school budget
  • Story of the mobile ambulance visit to Mustoor
  • Former students who are now working
  • Their stories, triumphs and difficulties
  • Sending salaries back to their families
  • College students finishing their degrees
  • Changes and improvements over the years
  • Last minute Guest of Honour
  • Pannur hostel and tailoring school
  • School Day, Children's Day and Constitution Day
  • Hyderabad
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  • Finance and Bursary Fund
  • Rosemary's visit as a sponsor parent
  • Republic Day
  • London Marathon fundraiser by Luke
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  • New mattresses at Pannur boarding hostel
  • Industrial Training Institute in Mangalore
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  • Rosemary's Republic Day in Pannur
  • Christmas Clothing Appeal Update
  • Pannur Health Centre news and a patient's story
  • Data Protection information





  • Planes, trains, tuk-tuks and money
  • Women, measuring up, buffalos, snakes and mice
  • Courage stick, cricket, hospital visits and superstitions
  • Languages, bribes, bookstores and hope
  • International Womens Day
  • Rice Appeal
  • Sister Philomena's story
  • New Tailoring School in Manvi
  • Pannur Health Centre update
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