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giving lottery

The focus of our signing up (for free) to the Giving Lottery is to help a Dalit family who are really struggling to make ends meet.

We try to select a family with two or more siblings (this isn't always the case) that would benefit from our support. In the past - when we have publicised the plight of the children that we want to help through this Giving Lottery, we have been approached by current supporters of ours offering to sponsor the children directly. This means that the children we help through this channel is changing regularly - which is fantastic news and thank you to all of you who help us.

Our aim is to sell 200 tickets (at £1 each) through the GivingLottery, which then returns 40% to Supporting Dalit Children. With our ethos of every pound donated being sent to India, you may wonder why we have signed up to this when 60% of each £1 spent on a lottery tickets goes to other causes, prize monies and admin? With the ongoing success of online shoppers using The Giving Machine (see our separate page for details) who run the Giving Lottery, we are thinking of the Giving Lottery as a way of reaching out to a wider audience who enjoy playing a lottery, at no cost to ourselves.

So far we have sold 33 of the targeted 200 tickets so we are off to a very good start. Buying a ticket or 2 could be a good alternative to buying Easter eggs this year, but I’m not sure our children would agree!

Play Our Giving Lottery