The children who are currently in need of sponsorship are detailed below. The current cost of sponsoring a child is £20 per month or £240 per year. Further details about how sponsorship works are at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your support.

The yellow 'Sponsor monthly' or 'Sponsor yearly' buttons beside each child link to PAYPAL where you can opt to pay using paypal or with a credit/debit card.  If you would prefer to set up a Standing Order via online banking, our bank details can be found on the Standing Order Mandate form above.


Yukthi is a very cute little girl who is very bright.

Yukthi has a hard life, her mother underwent surgery and is unable to work.  Her father struggles to bring up the family.

Yukthi wants to become a doctor when she is older, to be able to treat her mother and others.

Can you help Yukthi to continue her studies?

Her birthday is 11th December 2015.



Naveena is doing well in his studies and wants to become a soldier.

Naveena leads a sad life in the company of his father who is a drunkard and a gambler.  His mother, who suffers abuse from her husband, leaves Naveena and his brother for lengthy period of time, while she stays at her parents with the youngest child.

Naveena's mother does not give up, she struggles on to support her family.  Can you help Naveena and offer him sponsorship?

His birthday is 25th November 2015.



Sachin is good at studying, he is a very good dancer and participates in many school events.

Sachin has a hard family life, his father suffers from depression and has turned to alcohol after a sibling died in a freak accident.

Sachin wants to join the Police when he is older.  Can you help him, he would be so grateful to have a kind sponsor parent?

His birthday is 23rd March 2015.



Janamma is an average student who is now showing great interest in learning with the help and guidance of her teachers.

Janamma comes from a very poor family.  Her mother is struggling to make ends meet, her father showing no interest as all his children are girls, so often the case in India.

Janamma longs to be a teacher when she is older.  Can you help her achieve this dream?

Her birthday is 4th January 2015.



Basabab is a highly intelligent, multi-talented boy.

Both his parents work hard but life is tough and they have insufficient earnings to make ends meet.

Basabab is a monitor of the class and takes care of the children in the absence of the teacher, he is a good leader.

Basabab is desperately looking for someone to sponsor him and help him reach his dream of becoming a soldier.

His birthday is 4th May 2010.



Lekyappa is a bright boy who works hard.

Lekyappa’s father is a farmer and his mother does coolie work. Life has been tough for Lekyappa and his family having lost a sibling in a tragic accident, this has had a knock on effect, resulting in Lekyappa's mother working hard to educate Lekyappa and his sister, his father now very reliant on alcohol.

Lekyappa is a clever boy who loves swimming and wants to become a lawyer when he grows up.

Lekyappa is desperately looking for someone to sponsor him and help him reach his dream.

His birthday is 21st June 2010.



James has struggled with his studies but thanks to much care and patience given by his teachers, he is now doing well.

His father has ongoing health issues and is receiving treatment, leaving his mother struggling to raise the family.  Sadly they lost two siblings due to health issues.

James needs a sponsor parent to be able to continue his studies.

His birthday is 17th December 2011.

Eranna M
Eranna M

Eranna M is a very promising, clever boy.

His father is a farmer who struggles to make ends meet.  Both his parents work on the land but his father is old now and less able to work, which causes great concern to Eranna who worries about the future.

Eranna shows great potential, he wants to become a scientist, he works very hard at his studies.

He would love to have a sponsor parent help him achieve this goal.

His birthday is 1st June 2007.


Sumangala is doing well in her studies and has a lot of friends.

Both her parents are coolie workers, they have no financial security as their work is seasonal and there is often a poor harvest.

Sumangala needs a sponsor parent to support her parents who are finding it very difficult to put food on the table for the family.

Her birthday is 28th August 2010.

Sanna Mary
Sanna Mary

Sanna Mary is currently at Loyola School in Manvi.  Life is tough for her, she is an average student and needs a lot of care to encourage her in her studies.  Despite this Sanna Mary’s aim is to become a police officer.  One of her favourite subjects is Science.

Sanna Mary is the eldest child in the family.  Her parents have to work hard each day just to provide a meal for their four children.

In spite of her hardships, Sanna Mary is really wanting to continue at Loyola School and needs someone to help her financially and to believe in her abilities.

Her birthday is 31st October 2012.

Eramma J
Eramma J

Eramma J is currently in 8th Std and should be transitioning to Loyola School in Manvi in June 2023, to complete her High School and then College education.

Eramma J’s mother and father are very poor and are not totally in support of Eramma continuing her education into the longer term.  A sponsor parent would help to boost Eramma’s chances of completing her education, as it would show her parents that she is worthy of support.  Eramma’s parents do not understand the importance of education and how much it would help the family if Eramma is supported to get a good job once she has finished her Degree.

Eramma’s ambition is to be a teacher as she loves her teachers so much!  She is a talented girl and enjoys all her lessons.

Her birthday is 1st June 2007.



Subanbee is a very perceptive and kind student, and she has a very cheerful nature.

Subanbee’s parents are both coolie workers.  Their work is seasonal and their income is very meagre.  For this reason they need somebody to help support their daughter’s school fees so that she can complete her education into the longer term.

Her birthday is 11th April 2010.


Chinna is the eldest child in the family, with two younger siblings, both at the school.

Sadly, Chinna’s father sadly died when Chinna was just eight years old.  Chinna’s mother is a vendor, selling vegetables by the side of the road.  Her whole days’ earnings are very little which makes it very difficult to bring up the three children on her own.  She dreams of giving her children the best education and works tirelessly to try to achieve this.

Chinna is very happy at school and wants to be a business man when he gets older.  He wants to reach his goal and look after his mother.

Chinna would be so grateful for a sponsor parent to help him to continue at school and achieve his dream.

Chinna’s birthday is 20th January 2009.

How does sponsorship work?

Our sponsorships are for children at Loyola Kapepaladi school.  It costs £240 per year - just £20 per month or 66p per day - to sponsor a child aged 3 - 14, so from Classes BKG (Baby Kindergarten)  through to 8th Standard, when they move on to Loyola Xavier School and the sponsorship continues for 9th and 10th Std.  After 10th Std, the student is encouraged to proceed to Loyola College for their PUC (or Sixth Form) and, hopefully their 3-year Degree.

Every penny of your sponsorship will go directly towards sponsoring your child. Nothing whatsoever is deducted for administration or bank charges. Supporting Dalit Children is run completely voluntarily; no salaries are paid and the trustees and their families fund all office and travel expenses.

It is entirely up to you how long you choose to sponsor a child for, but it would be extremely helpful if you could commit to a minimum five year period, or for the length of a child's education.

Each child has a School Profile with their photograph, date of birth (if known - many Dalit children have never celebrated a birthday), their family background and their aspirations. A copy of the child's School Profile will be sent to each sponsor parent. The child will either draw a card, or write to their sponsor parent twice a year, at Easter and Christmas.  Supporting Dalit Children will distribute all the letters.  Regular updates about the school the child attends will also be sent to each sponsor parent.

Why sponsor a Dalit child?

Sponsoring a Dalit child will give him or her a life-changing opportunity - a future with real prospects away from poverty and oppression.

Each child at Loyola Kapepaladi school is enrolled because their family circumstances are in great need.  Financial sponsorship for these children is necessary as their families cannot afford to pay for their education.  Each family is asked to contribute a small amount towards the school fees, and concessions are given for the families in the greatest needs - single parent families for example.  In reality the parents' fee payments to the school are woefully small and so each sponsorship helps to subsidize the cost of educating a child.  Parents are also asked to contribute to the school fees as this creates a partnership with the school (rather than a feeling of charity), and places more importance within the family on their child's education. In recognition of the sponsorship a child is given, parents will help the school 'in kind' wherever they can, by digging foundations for building projects for example, and they do this work willingly. This way, even though contributing towards the school fees is a financial sacrifice for the family, parents retain their self-respect as they are doing literally all they can do for their child.

Sponsorship pays for the lion share of each child's education and living expenses, and includes the cost of uniform, shoes, teachers' salaries, school books, exam fees, excursions, food, and hostel fees if these are necessary.

More Information

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child please contact us.  Dinah has the information about each child and is very happy to explain anything you are unsure about.  Please call her on 07909 705125 - the number is also at the top of the page.

Gift Aid – are you a tax-payer?

If you pay tax we can reclaim Gift Aid on your donations. We would be most grateful if you could complete and return the Gift Aid form to us.

Can I donate more generally to child sponsorship without having an attachment to one particular child?

Yes. Any donation, however small is welcomed and will help another Dalit child to be educated. Please go to our Donations page to make a donation by credit card or PAYPAL. You can also send a cheque made payable to "Supporting Dalit Children" to: Fillets Farm, Hunsdon, Herts, SG12 8QA.  Thank you.