The children who are currently in need of sponsorship are detailed below. The current cost of sponsoring a child is £20 per month or £240 per year. Further details about how sponsorship works are at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your support.

The yellow 'Sponsor monthly' or 'Sponsor yearly' buttons beside each child link to PAYPAL where you can opt to pay using paypal or with a credit/debit card.  If you would prefer to set up a Standing Order via online banking, our bank details can be found on the Standing Order Mandate form above.



Likitha is a very bright student.

As well as the academic subjects, she is interested in drama, singing and dancing. She is a popular girl at school and is friendly to everyone.

She has an older sister and younger brother.

Likitha’s ambition is to be a software engineer.

Her parents are coolie workers, earning a minimal daily wage in the fields.  They want to educate their daughter but are finding it very difficult financially.  For this reason Likitha needs a sponsor parent to help support her.

Her birthday is 26th November 2014.



Augustin is the youngest child in the family. He has two older brothers, Akshay and Alwin.

Augustin’s father is a mason by profession and works at Bangalore for minimum salary, which is insufficient to look after the family.

His mother is suffering ill health and she is on medication. She is improving day by day but it is difficult for her to look after herself and the family.

His father wants to provide the best of education to his children and works very hard to bring up the family.

Augustin enjoys dancing and swimming and his birthday is 6th May 2015.

Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar


Manoj Kumar is the oldest child in his family.

He is a very bright student and his favourite subject is computing.  His hobbies are drawing, reading and acting.

He wants to be a soldier in order to protect his country.

His birthday is 9th March 2006.


Akhilesh is very sweet child, very interested in learning and he expresses his liking for learning more, playing sports and all school activities.

He especially enjoys reading stories and playing cricket and would like to be a police officer.

He has an older brother who is studying in a government residential school which provides free education and all necessary help for his future.

Akhilesh’s father Mr Sadananda, is a learned man but has no job. He does coolie to provide the needs of his family. His mother Lakshmi is suffering from psychological issues and she is on medication.

Most of the earning of his father is spent for the medicine of his mother. Hence the family is truly in great need for the education of Akhilesh. The family will certainly be thankful for any assistance to help with the education of their son.

His birthday is 2nd July 2013.



Harshitha is a bright girl and enjoys all her classes at school.

She has two older brothers, a sister and a younger brother.

Her parents are illiterate and they are migrants.

Harshitha is extremely interested in studies. Her uncle recognized this and enrolled her in the school.

Harshitha will be grateful for any help that can be given to her for her education.

Her birthday is 4th November 2013.


Prajwal is a very loving and gentle boy. He is the eldest son and has a sister and two brothers.

Mr Jacob, his father, is the bread winner of the family; he leaves his wife and children behind in the village and goes to the neighbouring city for the coolie since he is paid a little more in the city.

It is hard to manage his family with the small amount of money.

Prajwal has great desire to study well and become a soldier  in the future. He is performing well in his studies.

This promising child needs to be supported financially to fulfil his dream and will be grateful for the kindness shown to move forward to reach his goal.

He enjoys cricket, football and kabbadi.

His birthday is 1st June 2010.


Tejas loves going to school and he likes drawing and playing games.

He is a very well-behaved boy.

His ambition is to be a policeman.

Tejas’ parents are subsistence farmers. They work on their own land which is very small and not sufficient to bring in enough funds for the family’s livelihood, so they also work in others' fields as coolie workers.

Financially it is very difficult for them to educate their children and run the family with a minimum income.

They will be very thankful for a sponsor parent for their son, to help them to continue his education into the longer term.

Tejas' birthday is 21st June 2016.



Pooja is an affectionate and loving child and she finds it very easy to make friends.

She loves coming to school and her hobbies include drawing and reading story books.

Pooja has two younger sisters, both of whom are studying in Kapepaladi school.

Pooja’s family rely on coolie work which isn’t guaranteed, for their income.  Her parents work extremely hard.  They are keen for their daughters to become educated but cannot afford to keep them all at school without help from a sponsor parent.

Pooja would like to become a teacher.

Her birthday is 21st October 2011.


Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar


Vinay Kumar would like to become a doctor and treat the sick in the village.

He is spontaneous in his actions and firm in what he thinks.  He does not like to miss any classes and is always very punctual.

His parents Veeresh and Gangamma are farmers and they cultivate paddy, cotton and sunflowers.  They struggle to make ends meet as their crop depends on rainfall and they often suffer loss in the cultivation.

Vinay Kumar would love for someone to be able to offer him the financial assistance and take an interest in him and achieve his long term ambition to be a doctor.

His birthday is 9th January 2012



Santhosh is an industrious boy.

He lives in a small remote village which is too far away from the school to come to daily, so he stays at the school hostel.

His father works as a driver for minimum wages and his mother does coolie work to support the family.

Santhosh is talented both academically, and creatively.  He will succeed to a very high standard but his parents need help with the school fees if he is to be able to do this into the longer term.

His ambition is to be a lawyer.

His birthday is 11th February 2012.

How does sponsorship work?

Our sponsorships are for children at Loyola Kapepaladi school.  It costs £240 per year - just £20 per month or 66p per day - to sponsor a child aged 3 - 14, so from Classes BKG (Baby Kindergarten)  through to 8th Standard, when they move on to Loyola Xavier School and the sponsorship continues for 9th and 10th Std.  After 10th Std, the student is encouraged to proceed to Loyola College for their PUC (or Sixth Form) and, hopefully their 3-year Degree.

Every penny of your sponsorship will go directly towards sponsoring your child. Nothing whatsoever is deducted for administration or bank charges. Supporting Dalit Children is run completely voluntarily; no salaries are paid and the trustees and their families fund all office and travel expenses.

It is entirely up to you how long you choose to sponsor a child for, but it would be extremely helpful if you could commit to a minimum five year period, or for the length of a child's education.

Each child has a School Profile with their photograph, date of birth (if known - many Dalit children have never celebrated a birthday), their family background and their aspirations. A copy of the child's School Profile will be sent to each sponsor parent. The child will either draw a card, or write to their sponsor parent twice a year, at Easter and Christmas.  Supporting Dalit Children will distribute all the letters.  Regular updates about the school the child attends will also be sent to each sponsor parent.

Why sponsor a Dalit child?

Sponsoring a Dalit child will give him or her a life-changing opportunity - a future with real prospects away from poverty and oppression.

Each child at Loyola Kapepaladi school is enrolled because their family circumstances are in great need.  Financial sponsorship for these children is necessary as their families cannot afford to pay for their education.  Each family is asked to contribute a small amount towards the school fees, and concessions are given for the families in the greatest needs - single parent families for example.  In reality the parents' fee payments to the school are woefully small and so each sponsorship helps to subsidize the cost of educating a child.  Parents are also asked to contribute to the school fees as this creates a partnership with the school (rather than a feeling of charity), and places more importance within the family on their child's education. In recognition of the sponsorship a child is given, parents will help the school 'in kind' wherever they can, by digging foundations for building projects for example, and they do this work willingly. This way, even though contributing towards the school fees is a financial sacrifice for the family, parents retain their self-respect as they are doing literally all they can do for their child.

Sponsorship pays for the lion share of each child's education and living expenses, and includes the cost of uniform, shoes, teachers' salaries, school books, exam fees, excursions, food, and hostel fees if these are necessary.

More Information

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child please contact us.  Dinah has the information about each child and is very happy to explain anything you are unsure about.  Please call her on 07909 705125 - the number is also at the top of the page.

Gift Aid – are you a tax-payer?

If you pay tax we can reclaim Gift Aid on your donations. We would be most grateful if you could complete and return the Gift Aid form to us.

Can I donate more generally to child sponsorship without having an attachment to one particular child?

Yes. Any donation, however small is welcomed and will help another Dalit child to be educated. Please go to our Donations page to make a donation by credit card or PAYPAL. You can also send a cheque made payable to "Supporting Dalit Children" to: Fillets Farm, Hunsdon, Herts, SG12 8QA.  Thank you.