The children who are currently in need of sponsorship are detailed below. The current cost of sponsoring a child is £20 per month or £240 per year. Further details about how sponsorship works are at the bottom of the page. Thank you so much for your support.

The yellow 'Sponsor monthly' or 'Sponsor yearly' buttons beside each child link to PAYPAL where you can opt to pay using paypal or with a credit/debit card.  If you would prefer to set up a Standing Order via online banking, our bank details can be found on the Standing Order Mandate form above.

If you would like to send a bank transfer from abroad, please email for the international banking details.  If you are an Indian national please email for details of the Indian domestic bank account.  Thank you.

Sai Sudheeksha
Sai Sudheeksha

Sai Sudheeksha comes from a broken home; she has a younger brother.  Life has been tough for Sai Sudheeksha, having witnessed her father, who was an alcoholic, torturing her mother.  The children now live with their mother.  Her mother works, but for a pittance.

Sai Sudheeksha has a desire to join the Police when she is older, her wish is to protect women and children who are in danger of abuse.  Can you help Sai Sudheeksha excel in life and make this dream come true?

Sai Sudheeksha’s birthday is 25th January 2012.


Manoj is studying in 6th std. He is very smart, intelligent and active, always cheerful and shows a lot of interest in learning and in other activities.

His ambition is to become a policeman. He has two younger sisters studying in a government school.

His father wants to provide best education, so he works hard to earn money with job he gets, but his earning is not sufficient for the family. He would be very grateful to a sponsor parent to help with the school fees for Manoj.

Manoj's birthday is 21st July 2012.



Jaishwini and her brother are currently living in the hostel at our school.  Due to the drought, there are no crops and work in the villages, so her parents have had no choice but to go to Bangalore in search of work.

Jaishwini is bright, not put off by her hardship, it makes her even more determined to reach her dream of becoming a doctor.  She wants to be able to help suffering people in the villages where there are no facilities.  She would love to secure a sponsor parent to help her.

Jaishwini’s birthday is 7th October 2010.


Siddalinga is an adventurous boy with a great interest in reading books.  He has an elder sister who has discontinued her studies due to family problems.   His parents have separated from each other due to his father being an alcoholic and ill-treating his wife and children.

Siddalinga has experienced tough times staying with his father. Now he has been admitted to Kapepaladi School’s boarding hostel he is much happier.

His mother is working as maid, doing her best to support her two children.  Siddalinga has a dream of being an Engineer. He will be very grateful for the help given to continue his studies.

Siddalinga's birthday is 8th January 2012.



Annapoorna has an older brother.  They are cared for by their mother.  Their father neglected his duties as a father, he abused his life, drinking and smoking and died of jaundice very recently.

Things were bad when he was alive, but even tougher now for her mother.  Annapoorna has high hopes for the future, wants to study and strives not to be discouraged by the challenges she is facing.  She desperately needs a financial helping hand.

Annapoorna’s birthday is 2nd October 2009.


Madhusudhan is a very smart boy who wants to become an engineer.  He lives in a joint family with ten members.  Money is very short.  Madhusudhan is a very gentle loving boy with huge ambition.

He would love to reach is goal but can only do that if we can find him some financial help.

Madhusudhan’s birthday is 20th March 2011.


PriyaKumari has a younger brother and sister.  She loves studying and wants to become a doctor.

Her father’s wages are poor despite working hard.  He finds it difficult to educate and take care of the needs of his family.  He would be so grateful for any financial help so that PriyaKumari can fulfil her dream.

PriyaKumari’s birthday is 1st July 2011

Uday K
Uday K

Uday K has an older and younger brother.  He loves playing sport and wishes to join the Police when he is older.

He is all too aware of the problems in society and will strive to serve justice for all the people.  The only thing standing in his way is money.  His parents are extremely poor, and he needs a generous person to help him achieve his long life dream.

Uday K’s birthday is 14th June 2010.


Umamaheshwari is a very cheerful, friendly girl who has a younger brother and sister.  Her parents are coolie workers, they struggle to make ends meet and have to live with grandparents.

Umamaheshwari is very hard working; she wants to become a teacher.  She wants to teach those who lack access to school and basic education.  Can you help her, so that in turn, she can help others?

Umamaheshwari’s birthday is 17th August 2011.


Prabhas is the youngest child in the family. He has two elder sisters and an elder brother.  Prabhas is a clever boy who works hard in all his lessons.  He is doing very well in his studies and hopes to be a policeman one day.

Prabhas’ father works hard but his daily wage is very low and it is therefore difficult for him to take care of his four children’s needs.

Prabhas also loves all games and drawing.

Prabhas will be so grateful for any support he can receive to fulfil his dreams.

Prabhas' birthday is 20th May 2018


Chamundi is living in a family with no savings at all and without sponsorship, her ability to stay at the school is in question.

Her family are subsistence farmers, and they own very poor quality land which does not yield well.  Losses from last year’s crops have given Chamundi’s families even more financial problems this year.

Chamundi’s family would be very happy for some financial support so that she can continue in education into the longer term.

Chamundi's birthday is 10th February 2016


Abhi’s father is a subsistence farmer and his mother is a coolie worker, but they struggle to make ends meet.  Their coolie work is paid on a daily wage basis, and there is often no work in the fields.  Therefore they regularly go in search of work on construction sites in the neighbouring cities.  

Whilst their parents are away in cities, Abhi and his brother stay with their grandparents who also work when they can, in the fields for a minimal wage.

Both parents and grandparents strive to give these boys a good education and make a lot of sacrifices to do so.  Abhi is a good student and wants to become a doctor.  He would dearly love to find a sponsor parent to help him continue with his studies and help him to achieve his dream.

Abhi's birthday is 23rd August 2015.



Girija is the eldest child of the family and has three younger sisters and a brother.

Her father is an illiterate man and he looks after a herd of animals that belong to his wealthy neighbours to earn his daily living. His wages are only enough for the most basic of day to day living. He works hard to put food on the table but often there is not enough to go round, they are then at the mercy of their neighbours.

He also takes care of his aged parents and there are ten members of the family including grandparents. He is trying to educate his children with the help of generous people and making all the effort he can to earn more money for his family.

Girija’s mother cannot work as she is looking after Girija’s younger siblings. Girija’s grandmother is working as a cook in her old age, trying to support her son.

Girija is a very responsible girl and works hard to learn. She is a very perceptive and is very aware of the struggles faced by her parents.  Her ambition is to become a teacher, earn lots of money and keep them.  Can you help make her dream come true?  She will be thankful for the support given to reach her goal.

Girija's birthday is 3rd September 2009




Sachin is good at studying, he is a very good dancer and participates in many school events.

Sachin has a hard family life, his father suffers from depression and has turned to alcohol after a sibling died in a freak accident.

Sachin wants to join the Police when he is older.  Can you help him, he would be so grateful to have a kind sponsor parent?

Sachin's birthday is 23rd March 2015.



Prabhuraj is in 7th std.  He is gentle boy and an only child.   His mother had a brain tumour removed 6 years ago but still has multiple health complications.   She is no longer able to work and totally dependant on her husband. Prabhuraj misses the care of his mother.

Prabhuraj’s father is a subsistence farmer but he has no ability to irrigate his land when there is drought.  Consequently he has no guarantee after taking a loan to plant the crop that he will get a harvest.  He lives with this financial uncertainty year after year

Prabhuraj’s ambition is to become a police officer but he will struggle to remain in education into the longer term without the help of a sponsor parent.

Prabhuraj's birthday is 1st January 2011.




Venkatesh is the only child to his parents. His family members are bonded labourers from decades ago.

Venkatesh lost his sister a couple of years ago. His parents want him to live with pride as a prestigious citizen so they joined him to our school with great social ambition.

Venkatesh is a very positive, punctual student and a good speaker. So he needs some financial support to pursue his higher education.

Venkatesh's birthday is 1st June 2013.


Bhoomika joined our school last year and she has a special interest for learning.  Her ambition is to be a Doctor.

Bhoomika's father lost his sister in a fatal accident in 2020 and his 3 children came to live with Bhoomika’s family, as their own father refused to look after them.  Bhoomika then took on the responsibility of looking after her nieces and nephews in the home.

Bhoomika’s mother and father earn very little money working as a coolie workers in the fields, which is seasonal work and not guaranteed day to day.  All 6 children from this extended family, are now at Kapepaladi school, and they totally depend on the kindness and generosity of others for their education.

Bhoomika's birthday is 20th April 2010


Eranna M
Eranna M

Eranna M is a very promising, clever boy.

His father is a subsistence farmer who struggles to make ends meet.  Both his parents work on the land but his father is older now and less able to work, which causes great concern to Eranna who worries about the future.

Eranna shows great potential.  He wants to become a scientist, and works hard in all classes.

He would love to have a sponsor parent to help him achieve his dream.

Eranna M's  birthday is 1st June 2007.


Swetha is a bright girl and does well in both curricular and other activities.  She wants to work in a Bank when she gets older.  

Swetha’s father works in the fields as a coolie worker.  All his earnings go on medical check-ups and medicine for his wife, who suffers from psychological issues.  

Swetha is the second oldest child in the family, she has an older sister and younger brother.  

Swetha is looking for a sponsor parent who would take an interest in her and help her to achieve her dream of working in a bank.

Swetha's birthday is 18th April 2011



Basabab is a highly intelligent, multi-talented boy.

Both his parents work hard, but life is tough and they have insufficient earnings to make ends meet.

Basabab is a monitor of the class and takes care of the children in the temporary absence of the teacher.  He is already a good leader.

Basabab’s dream is to become a soldier.  His parents would be so grateful for any help for their son to continue his education into the longer term.

Basabab's birthday is 4th May 2010.


How does sponsorship work?

Our sponsorships are for children at Loyola Kapepaladi school.  It costs £240 per year - just £20 per month or 66p per day - to sponsor a child aged 3 - 14, so from Classes BKG (Baby Kindergarten)  through to 8th Standard, when they move on to Loyola Xavier School and the sponsorship continues for 9th and 10th Std.  After 10th Std, the student is encouraged to proceed to Loyola College for their PUC (or Sixth Form) and, hopefully their 3-year Degree.

Every penny of your sponsorship will go directly towards sponsoring your child. Nothing whatsoever is deducted for administration or bank charges. Supporting Dalit Children is run completely voluntarily; no salaries are paid and the trustees and their families fund all office and travel expenses.

It is entirely up to you how long you choose to sponsor a child for, but it would be extremely helpful if you could commit to a minimum five year period, or for the length of a child's education.

Each child has a School Profile with their photograph, date of birth (if known - many Dalit children have never celebrated a birthday), their family background and their aspirations. A copy of the child's School Profile will be sent to each sponsor parent. The child will either draw a card, or write to their sponsor parent twice a year, at Easter and Christmas.  Supporting Dalit Children will distribute all the letters.  Regular updates about the school the child attends will also be sent to each sponsor parent.

Why sponsor a Dalit child?

Sponsoring a Dalit child will give him or her a life-changing opportunity - a future with real prospects away from poverty and oppression.

Each child at Loyola Kapepaladi school is enrolled because their family circumstances are in great need.  Financial sponsorship for these children is necessary as their families cannot afford to pay for their education.  Each family is asked to contribute a small amount towards the school fees, and concessions are given for the families in the greatest needs - single parent families for example.  In reality the parents' fee payments to the school are woefully small and so each sponsorship helps to subsidize the cost of educating a child.  Parents are also asked to contribute to the school fees as this creates a partnership with the school (rather than a feeling of charity), and places more importance within the family on their child's education. In recognition of the sponsorship a child is given, parents will help the school 'in kind' wherever they can, by digging foundations for building projects for example, and they do this work willingly. This way, even though contributing towards the school fees is a financial sacrifice for the family, parents retain their self-respect as they are doing literally all they can do for their child.

Sponsorship pays for the lion share of each child's education and living expenses, and includes the cost of uniform, shoes, teachers' salaries, school books, exam fees, excursions, food, and hostel fees if these are necessary.

More Information

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child please contact us.  Dinah has the information about each child and is very happy to explain anything you are unsure about.  Please call her on 07909 705125 - the number is also at the top of the page.

Gift Aid – are you a tax-payer?

If you pay tax we can reclaim Gift Aid on your donations. We would be most grateful if you could complete and return the Gift Aid form to us.

Can I donate more generally to child sponsorship without having an attachment to one particular child?

Yes. Any donation, however small is welcomed and will help another Dalit child to be educated. Please go to our Donations page to make a donation by credit card or PAYPAL. You can also send a cheque made payable to "Supporting Dalit Children" to: Fillets Farm, Hunsdon, Herts, SG12 8QA.  Thank you.